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Short animated twists reflecting daily life and wordly issues
(oa voor de: NRC/Trouw/DeMorgen)

Small housing (no sound)

August 14th 2019

Trade war China - US (no sound)

August 12th 2019

Gaypride Amsterdam 2019 (no sound)

August 4th 2019

Trump is separating families at the mexican border :( (no sound)

August 2nd 2019

Decrease biodiversity due to greenhouse effect (no sound)

July 26th 2019

Drought Europe (no sound)

July 26th 2019

Heat in the Netherlands (Holland)

July 24th 2019

Boris Johnson elected prime minister, no deal Brexit (no sound)

July 24th 2019

Football Netherland-USA (no sound)

July 6th 2019

High temperatures (no sound)

June 24th 2019

Forest (no sound)

June 4th 2019

Elections Europe, The Netherlands (no sound)

May 23rd 2019

Study dutch language popular abroad (no sound)

April 3rd 2019

Summertime / wintertime (no sound)

March 31st 2019

Water board elections 2019 (no sound)

March 20th 2019

PostNL taking over Sandd (no sound)

February 25th 2019

Percent calculation vs mental calculation (no sound)

February 2nd 2019

2019 (no sound)

January 1st 2019

Windows (no sound)

December 31st 2018

Black Pete racism (no sound)

December 2nd 2018

The Blokker-family is putting Blokker itself for sale (no sound)

November 18th 2018

Aid organizations punishable for assistance to refugees (no sound)

November 12th 2018

The calming effect of lavender odor (no sound)

November 9th 2018

Majority votes democrats for house of represenatives (no sound)

November 7th 2018