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Short animated twists reflecting daily life and wordly issues
(oa voor de: NRC/Trouw/DeMorgen)

Gold medal for Ireen Wust, ice skating (no sound)

February 12th 2018

Seesaw (no sound)

February 6th 2018

Trouw celebration 75 years (no sound)

January 30th 2018

Roadpricing to reduce the emission (no sound)

January 10th 2018

Ozonlayer (no sound)

January 5th 2018

Research shows Dutch youth is happy (not sound)

December 31st 2017

Christmas appeal (no sound)

December 25th 2017

Increasing the use of natural gas (no sound)

December 1st 2017

Adopted child (no sound)

November 14th 2017

Criminal case against Wilders 1 (no sound)

October 20th 2017

Criminal case against Wilders 2 (no sound)

October 15th 2017

Reduce electric power (no sound)

September 1st 2017

Electric driving vs fossil fuels (now sound)

September 1st 2017

Electric driving (no sound)

September 1st 2017

Smaller flatscreen TV saves power, climate change (no sound)

September 1st 2017

Work reintegration (no sound)

August 31st 2017

Fewer teenage pregnancies, more teenagers are going to study (no sound)

August 31st 2017

Metoo (no sound)

August 15th 2017

Camping light (with sound)

July 4th 2017

Trump confirms US will quit Paris climate agreement (no sound)

June 1st 2017

2 Minutes of silence for second world war commemoration (no sound)

May 4th 2017

Money is considered more important than the climate (no sound)

April 29th 2017

Designaded survivor USA (no sound)

March 1st 2017

Trump vs the media (no sound)

February 17th 2017