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Short animated twists reflecting daily life and wordly issues
(oa voor de: NRC/Trouw/DeMorgen)

The passing away of Dick Bruna, spiritual father of Miffy nr.1 (no sound)

February 16th 2017

The passing away of Dick Bruna, spiritual father of Miffy nr.2 (no sound)

February 16th 2017

Trump is signing a lot of destructive contracts (no sound)

January 26th 2017

Trump pulls out of TTP trade deal (no sound)

January 23rd 2017

Trump, America is the best (no sound)

January 22nd 2017

Electricity power failure Amsterdam (no sound)

January 15th 2017

Digital warfare

January 11th 2017

Motion of distrust Ard vd Steur, dutch politics (no sound)

January 10th 2017

Free travel within Europe under great political pressure after terrorist attack Berlin (no sound)

January 7th 2017

Back to the 6-hour working day (no sound)

January 6th 2017

New year 2016/2017 (no sound)

January 1st 2017

Syria peace talks (no sound)

December 29th 2016

Investigation into prayer healing by the VU (no sound)

December 28th 2016

Serious Request, nailpolish charity fund Tijn, (no sound)

December 20th 2016

Terrorist attack christmas market Germany (no sound)

December 16th 2016

Data leaks (no sound)

December 15th 2016

RIP Peter van Straaten, dutch cartoonist (no sound)

December 8th 2016

St nicholas eve, pakjesavond (no sound)

December 5th 2016

Rising tensions Nato - Russia (no sound)

December 4th 2016

Moving TV argument Jan Terlouw, dutch politician (no sound)

December 3rd 2016

Hospital in York puts people who are being overweight at the bottom of the list (no sound)

November 29th 2016

Fine for Wilders (dutch politician) his statement about Moroccans (not sound)

November 23rd 2016

What means normalization between the USA and Russia (no sound)

November 21st 2016

Political fight between Turkey and Europe (no sound)

November 16th 2016