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Short animated twists reflecting daily life and wordly issues
(oa voor de: NRC/Trouw/DeMorgen)

Extreme right point out New Balance shoes as a part of their prescribed outfit (no sound)

November 15th 2016

Trump moves into the White House (no sound)

November 9th 2016

Elections USA 2016 (no sound)

November 8th 2016

The lyrics of Leonard Cohen, RIP (no sound)

November 7th 2016

Court hearing about the incorrect statements of Wilders, PVV (no sound)

October 31st 2016

Apple (no sound)

October 26th 2016

Alcohol consumption man/woman is equal (no sound)

October 25th 2016

KKK, under the skin present in the society (no sound)

October 17th 2016

Active euthanasia

October 13th 2016

Love-letters of Mitterand, former president of France, found again (no sound)

October 12th 2016

ING promotes digital banking and pushes of the physical banks (no sound)

October 3rd 2016

Stolen Van Gogh paintings found back in Italy (no sound)

September 30th 2016

Ross sea near Antartica becomes a nature reserve :) (no sound)

August 29th 2016

Fear for a (no deal) Brexit (no sound)

July 29th 2016

Statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro is in decay, repairs cost a lot of money (no sound)

June 12th 2016

Islam is not a hateful belief (no sound)

April 5th 2016

Emergency plan economic crisis greece just in time (no sound)

February 6th 2016

European financial help Greece (no sound)

February 5th 2016

Higher water bills in belgium (no sound)

January 19th 2016

Trump congress (no sound)

January 15th 2016

The passing away of David Bowie 'Space Oddity' (no sound)

January 10th 2016

More money needed for the tunnels in Brussels (no sound)

January 10th 2016

Refugee reception

December 29th 2015

Floods in England (with sound)

December 27th 2015