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Short animated twists reflecting daily life and wordly issues
(oa voor de: NRC/Trouw/DeMorgen)

Christmas break Belgian government (no sound)

December 24th 2015

Insulation house (no sound)

November 30th 2015

Climate engineering (no sound)

November 27th 2015

Nucleair energy (no sound)

November 25th 2015

Terrorist attacks Paris :( (no sound)

November 13th 2015

Terrorist attacks Paris (no sound)

November 13th 2015

Sugar test, how much sugar do you monthly use? (no sound)

November 12th 2015

Sugar test (no sound)

November 12th 2015

Slotervaart Hospital earned millions by making heroin (no sound)

November 12th 2015

Distribution of refugees per municipality in Belgium

November 4th 2015

Increase of the number of road fatalities (no sound)

October 20th 2015

Belgian national football team (Red devils) receives no applause from political party (no sound)

October 14th 2015

Economical cuts by the management VRT (news channel Belgium) is a demolishment from within

October 1st 2015

Percentage of admitted refugees per country (no sound)

September 29th 2015

Largest brewer AB Inbev takes over other beer brands to increase further profits (no sound)

September 16th 2015

Reception of refugees in the WTC in Brussels (no sound)

September 10th 2015

Research into emissions (no sound)

September 10th 2015

Diesel emission scandal volkswagen (no sound)

September 6th 2015

Volkswagen emission scandal (no sound)

September 5th 2015

Government looks away for the financial problems of the citizens (no sound)

August 7th 2015

Mayor in Belgium leaves police to their own destiny during protests (no sound)

August 6th 2015

Angry farmers Belgium block the highway (no sound)

July 30th 2015

Tax on diesel cars (no sound)

July 29th 2015

Increase of tax on electric power Belgium (no sound)

July 27th 2015