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Short animated twists reflecting daily life and wordly issues
(oa voor de: NRC/Trouw/DeMorgen)

Increase tax belgium (no sound)

July 24th 2015

Banks in Greece open again after the crash (no sound)

July 18th 2015

Financial emergency plan from greece for the EU is every time to late (no sound)

July 16th 2015

Refugees are obligated to hand off valuables to get into Denmark (no sound)

May 10th 2015

Swissleaks (no sound)

February 12th 2015

Elevator (with sound)

February 2nd 2015

Buyable Art (no sound)

February 1st 2015

Tosti (no sound)

February 1st 2015

Lockers (with sound)

February 1st 2015

Wardrobe (no sound)

February 1st 2015

Christmas for refugees :( (no sound)

December 24th 2014

Refugees admitted in Belgium (no sound)

December 5th 2014

Oil prices plummet after OPEC meeting (no sound)

November 27th 2014

More stringent requirements to apply on Belgian University of Leuven (no sound)

November 25th 2014

Comet lander Philae lands on comet 67P, nicknamed: rubber ducky

November 14th 2014

Iwatch scrolling (no sound)

November 1st 2014

Iwatch (no sound)

November 1st 2014

Brussels protest roughly ended (no sound)

August 1st 2014

MH17, inquiry on who is responsible for the death of 298 passengers (no sound)

July 17th 2014

Penalty WK 2014 (with sound)

July 12th 2014

Watching WK 2014 at the office (with sound)

July 11th 2014

WK2014, we win, we loose, we win, we loose, we.... (no sound)

July 11th 2014

Sponsoring WK2014 (with sound)

July 11th 2014

End of the WK2014, time for vacation (with sound)

July 11th 2014